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Titans coaching search: Tennessee should interview Gus Malzahn

I have no idea if Gus Malzahn has aspirations of becoming a head coach or not, but the Tennessee Titans should absolutely make a phone call to find out.


I hate Gus Malzahn. Why do I hate Gus Malzahn? Because he is a dang good football coach who my team cannot figure out how to beat. He has owned Nick Saban, the best college coach in the land, in 2 of their last 3 meetings.

That is exactly why the Titans should give him a call in this search. Malzahn has proven in his time as a head coach that he is an offensive innovator. You don't need to look any further than the differences in his offenses in his two national title game trips with Auburn.

The offense he ran with Cam Newton looks nothing like the offense that he is currently running with Nick Marshall. That shows me a guy that is willing to adapt his offense to his personnel- not a guy who tries to make his personnel fit his offense. That is very important in today's NFL.

He has also shown an ability to get the most out of his players. Marshall was a defensive back this time last year. Now he is the quarterback of a prolific offense. Sure, he is a great athlete, but that type of transition cannot happen without a coach who is a great teacher.

Some might think that Malzahn runs a "gimmicky" offense, but that just isn't true. He runs an offense that works, and one that has worked with all different types of quarterbacks. That sounds a lot like Chip Kelly to me, and that hire has worked out pretty well for the Eagles.

As with any guy that is so hands on with one side of the ball, one of the keys to Malzahn's pitch would need to be who he could bring in as defensive coordinator. Odds are that Malzahn would let that guy more or less be the "head coach of the defense" (much like Gregg Williams was in New Orleans under Sean Payton).

What are your thoughts on Gus Malzahn as a candidate for the Titans?