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Titans coaching search update: Team requests permission to talk to Jay Gruden

Jason LaCanfora, who seems to miss more than hit when it comes to the Tennessee Titans, reports that the team has requested permission to interview Jay Gruden.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Four teams requested permission to interview Jay Gruden shortly after CIN loss last night, sources said - Skins, Vikings, Lions and Titans</p>&mdash; Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) <a href="">January 6, 2014</a></blockquote>

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So the Titans have apparently requested permission to speak with Jay Gruden. That is the wrong coordinator on the Cincinnati Bengals staff to interview, in my opinion. If you hated all of the runs on first down with Dowell Loggains calling the plays, you won't be a big fan of Gruden's.

They should talk to Mike Zimmer. That man has worked miracles with some really interesting characters on his defense. A big part of being a head coach is being able to manage the players on the team, and Zimmer has proved he can do that- never mind the fact that he coaches a heck of a defense.

Anyway, your thoughts on Jay Gruden?