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Jake Locker talks about the Titans firing Mike Munchak

Jake Locker joined The Wake Up Zone on 104.5 here in Nashville this morning to talk about Mike Munchak being fired.

Bob Levey

What was your reaction to Coach Munchak being fired?

I disappointed.  Obviously he was the coach that drafted me-  gave me my first opportunity so I was disappointed to see him go.  He was a person that I respected as a person and a coach. I wish him the best going forward.

With that I have faith in the organization going forward that they will find the best coach they can for this football team.  It's tough.  It's part of the business.  You just have to get your mindset for what comes next and make the most of it.

Have you spoken to Munch or Dowell Loggains?

I got a text from Dowell and coach Ragone.  Just said thanks for everything.  They were really cool.  I have the same respect for those guys that I have for coach Munchak.  They did a lot for me and my career.  They went a long ways to make me comfortable on the field and I am thankful for that.

Do you figure that your role with this franchise might change in 2014- that you might have to compete for the #1 job?

I am OK with that.  As long as I get the opportunity to compete for it I will be thankful for that.  I will be optimistic about it.  As long as I am getting that opportunity I don't have any problem with it.

How difficult were all the changes on offense over the last couple of seasons (changes in coordinator, your injuries, etc.)?

Anytime that you have to change things in the middle of the season it is more difficult than going in with a plan and being able to ride that plan out, but I thought we did a good job adjusting and did as well as we could in those situations.  It wasn't ideal, but I thought the coaching staff and the players really did a good job working together and doing the best we could to make it work.

What kind of traits do you think this organization should look for in a new coach and new offensive coordinator?

I believe that Coach Munchak had it really close.  He had good players and guys that had the right mindset.  I think somebody coming in that likes who is here and what the guys here have to offer.  That goes a long way towards us being able to be successful early.

Where are you in your rehab?

Same as I was after surgery.  I am coming up on two months out of surgery now.  It is going well, and I am staying on schedule.  Everything is going as I expected it to.  I will be ready for mini-camp.

Are you able to do your upper body lifting?

Oh yeah, I am able to do everything like that.  I am just not able to put any weight on my foot yet.

Is this just another reminder about how cold the business of the NFL is- that you injury, not your fault, but your injury ultimately led to what went on over the weekend?

That's one way to look at it, but it is something that is outside of my control.  I am disappointed about it.  I have a lot of respect for that staff and what they have done for me.  There is nothing I could have done about it to change it.  It is part of the business.  Sometimes those things happen.

Is the offense two different offenses with Chris Johnson running the ball and Shonn Greene running the ball?  Did that hamper what they wanted to do with you and moving the pocket?

I don't think it hampered it.  They have different running styles, the two of them, but I thought we carried a good base running style into each game that allowed both of them to use their talents and abilities as they wanted too.  I thought we really used play action and it was successful for us.

You can hear the audio here via 104.5.