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Tennessee Titans: Munchak, Webster, and a (Not So) New Direction

The Titans are moving on and cleaning house. However, the overhaul may not be as groundbreaking as many fans want.

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Many fans have voiced their displeasure with Mike Munchak and his antiquated philosophies. I urge you to read this wonderful piece by ronburgandy7427, a member of MCM's community, .

Make no mistake about it, Ruston Webster and Mike Munchak have shared the same vision for the last three years, as they continue to do so. The difference between the two sides came down to the best way to get there.

Munchak figures he had the majority of pieces in place to make the next step and continue their progression. He probably focuses more on the first part of the season when Jake Locker was healthy and the team was winning. Webster and Tommy Smith think major changes to his staff need to be made in order for the team to progress as they watched the team fail to win games it should even with a backup QB.

Overall, however, the mold of franchise has been set with Ruston at the helm and I don't expect that to change dramatically. You can say this has become a passing league all you want, but without an elite quarterback (of which there are only a handful), you would be pinning your hopes on an insufficient piece of the puzzle. Having a balanced offense is important, but slinging the ball around the yard all day does not necessarily equal a winning formula.

Here's a couple of quotes from Webster's press conference announcing the firing of Mike Munchak:

"I would like somebody that's going to work with our current players and continue to develop them..."

"I think we're building, I think we have a nice nucleus, that we need to continue to build around."

I believe Ruston went on to say that he wants a tough team. One that's built from the inside out, starting on the lines. A philosophy that causes many to roll their eyes, but shouldn't. This is the same format of the San Fransisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, the Texans before this year's implosion, and yes the Tennessee Titans. It didn't work for the Titans, but that doesn't mean it can't.

In the end, the new head coach will have their own plan that the GM will have to sign off on. A vast departure from what we've seen as far as philosophies is unlikely. Be prepared for new faces, but not that new of a direction.