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What the Tennessee Titans cleaning house would look like cap-wise

With a new coaching staff in tow, which obvious cuts could lead to spending money for the Titans.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I have written similar pieces to this in the past, but with a new coach on the horizon there is some obvious fat to trim on the roster. These are people I can't see staying on the roster with a new coach. All numbers and facts thanks to this great site.

Easy cuts

Chris Johnson- $4 million saved in 2014.

Most fans were probably expecting a bigger number with the cut, but the Titans only gain 4 million dollars this year with that move. Now, they will save $20 million over 2015/2016 seasons, but short term they will only save $4.

Kamerion Wimbley- $2.4 million saved in 2014.

Again, this is another move made for the long-term. Wimbley will cost the Titans $17 million over the 2014/2015 seasons, and I can't imagine the new head coach will want those contracts looming over his head.

David Stewart- $6.4 million saved in 2014.

Now this is an easy move. Stewart is essentially signed to a one year, $6.4 million deal in 2014 with no dead money. Cutting him is just common sense, and as much as fans wish that he still was the tackle he was in 2010, he just isn't.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- $3.25 million saved in 2014

Fitzpatrick should be cut just because he so expensive for someone so bad, but there is more to this. Tyler Wilson is currently signed through next year and he is only costing 495,000 next year, and he has much more upside than FItzpatrick.

Maybe cuts/trades

Craig Stevens- $2.4 million saved in 2014

Stevens is a good TE, but with Delanie Walker and Taylor Thompson on the roster he is having a hard time finding significant playing time. If the Titans could grab anything for him in a trade, I think it would make a lot of sense for them to move on.

Nate Washington- $4.8 million saved in 2014

This is a hard move to make. Washington has given his heart and soul to the team, but it may be time for the Titans to move on. Washington has a lot of trade value and a WR needy team could be very interested. A 3rd or 4th round pick isn't out of the equation and teams like the 49ers, Patriots, Panthers, etc. who are trying to go from fringe Super Bowl teams, to playing in the big game.

Where does that leave Tennessee?

This leaves the Titans with $34.7 million to spend in 2014, $67.4 million in 2015, and $87.5 million in 2016. Immediately, it could put the Titans in position for one of the pass rushers they need like Greg Hardy, Michael Johnson, Brian Orakpo or Lamarr Houston all depending on which fits the new defensive scheme. So, with that number landing around $12 million per year that leaves the Titans $22 million to make other moves immediately.

The Titans could possibly go after Henry Melton, the pass rushing DT formerly franchised by the Bears. Also the Titans could make a play for an offensive lineman like Eugene Monroe, Branden Albert, or Zach Strief.