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Three dark horse coaches for the Tennessee Titans

Three coaches I would love to see the Titans get on their staff.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I already posted a list of the coaches I want the Titans to hire, but this is a list of coaches that no one is really talking about that could make a ton of sense to Tennessee.

Wade Phillips (DC)

Gregg Williams is out right now, and the new head coach may not want to deal with someone with his reputation or his past connection to the Titans. With that said, imagine what Wade Phillips could do with talented defenders like Jurrell Casey, Zach Brown, Jason McCourty, and Alterraun Verner (if he is re-signed).

Also, who knows the weaknesses of Houston better than the man who was their interim coach? The Texans may make some changes, but he will know which players to attack and which ones to double twice a year when we are competing for a division title.

Kliff Kingsburry (OC)

Say what you will about the young upstart, but wherever he goes offense follows. As an OC at TAMU, he lead Johnny Manziel to a Heisman trophy, and this year he showed the nation how to use a dynamic tight end like Jace Amaro (a possible option for the Titans at 11).

Imagine how he could optimize Jake Locker's running ability and the up-tempo offense to keep opposing defenses off balance. That seems like a perfect fit for the Titans personnel.

David Cutcliffe (QB coach/Asst. Head Coach)

Whatever title you have to give him, just get him in the door. Year after year it seems like he takes sub par quarterbacks and manages to mold an offensive system around them to give them the best chance to succeed. If the Titans can't bring in a talented OC like Kingsburry, then they could make some serious progress by bringing in Cutcliffe to develop Locker or whoever the starting quarterback is in 2014.