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Top 5 Tennessee Titans coaching candidates

Which five names might pop up in the search for new head coach?


San Francisco 49ers OC Greg Roman

Why he fits: The Titans need someone who knows how to manipulate an offensive to fit the team he has, no offensive coordinator has done this better than Roman who seamlessly shifted the 49ers from the Alex Smith era to the Colin Kaepernick era. No two quarterbacks are more different than those two, and it will give this team the freedom to either keep Jake Locker or look for a new quarterback with neither option forced on them.

Cincinnati Bengals OC Jay Gruden

Why he fits: Gruden is the offensive counterpart to his brother, who primarily was known for his dominant defenses. Gruden has made the most out of what he has had at quarterback in Cincinnati and has still managed to put up a pretty potent offense year after year.

Gruden could use many of the players on the Titans roster to replicate what he did in Cincinnati: Justin Hunter/A.J. Green, Delanie Walker/Tyler Eifert & Jermaine Gresham, Nate Washington/Marvin Jones and Kendall Wright/an improved Andrew Hawkins.

Former Cleveland Browns OC Norv Turner

Why he fits: Turner may sound like a retread, but look at what he did to a stagnant Cleveland offense. He turned guys like Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon into absolute superstars with no one at quarterback. Imagine what he could do with guys like Delanie Walker, Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, and Kendall Wright.

San Diego OC Ken Whisenhunt

Why he fits: A highly coveted coordinator right now, Whisenhunt has been a head coach who can win with talent but he needs a good front office. Like Turner, Whisenhunt came into a team with a stagnant offense and really turned them into a top-5 unit. If the Titans can some how entice him to take the job, then Ray Horton could follow him to Tennessee as a DC which would be a huge gain.

Former Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns DC Ray Horton

Why he fits: Horton is an outstanding DC on the level of Wade Phillips or Romeo Crennel, but he is likely to be a better HC than either. Wherever he goes his guys seem to take their game to the next level, and he brings the 3-4 that this team is so equipped for, from dream to reality.

I don't think he will end up the guy with strong DC candidates like Wade Phillips and Gregg Williams available. I think the better plan is to sign one of those two and then add an offensive guy at HC.