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Titans 2014 NFL Draft Poll

Where should the Titans go?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There has already been plenty of discussion about where the Titans should or should not go with the 11th overall pick in the upcoming draft.

I thought it would be interesting to put it to the test. I know we have FA to consider yet, which will no doubt fill some of the roster holes before the draft process begins, but put that aside. If it was up to you, which direction would the Titans go with that 11th pick?

Quarterback? There are plenty among Titans nation at this point that are clamoring for a new signal caller. While I'm not among them, I can see the frustration the past few seasons. Should the Titans use that pick on a passer?

Wide Receiver? Nate Washington is on the last year of a lucrative deal ($4.8 million), and Damian Williams is a FA. Do you go with a top WR at 11 if one becomes available?

Offensive Tackle? With Stewart being cowed by age and injury, the Titans have a need at OT for the first time in a while. As hypothetical Titans GM, do you pull the trigger on one?

Linebacker? Defensive End? Running Back? Corner? Safety? There is any direction the Team could go, depending on who is there.

Personally I am all for an OT like Matthews or Robinson if they fall, and failing that, a dynamic Linebacker like Mack or Barr. There are arguments to be made across the board, but where do you think the Titans should go in the first round?