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Titans release statement about Mike Munchak and the future

Tennessee Titans CEO Tommy Smith and general manager Ruston Webster both released statements tonight. Neither said that Mike Munchak will be back for sure in 2014, but all signs are still pointing to the fact that he will be.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

The Titans are still not committing 100% to Mike Munchak being the coach next year, but the fact that he still has his job today tells you all you need to know.  Here is what Tommy Smith had to say tonight:

“I said all along that we would review every aspect of the football operations at the conclusion of the season – in early January,” Smith said. “Today I sat down with Ruston and Mike and we discussed every coach and player on the roster. We had good discussions, but no final decisions were made.”

Ruston Webster also released a statement along the same lines:

“The three of us met all day today in Houston. We had a good conversation in regards to the team and moving forward. Nothing final has been decided at this point, but we hope to have a decision soon.”

To me all this says is that Munchak has some people to fire before he is assured that he will be the coach in 2014. There is no reason to believe that he will not make the changes that have been requested.

Now we just wait to see what those changes are. One thing that you always have with this team....waiting....