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Mike Munchak will return as Titans head coach in 2014

In a move that is disappointing but not surprising, the Titans have decided that Mike Munchak will return as coach in 2014.

Wesley Hitt

Looks like the Titans will make it official- Mike Munchak will be the head coach of the team in 2014.  It is extremely disappointing that Tommy Smith and company wouldn't go ahead and make the obvious call, but they apparently believe that Munchak can turn things around.

While I don't think it is impossible that Munch could coach a winning team, I think it is highly unlikely.  His tenure here has been the definition of mediocrity.  I know things could be worse, but being afraid of that is no reason to hold on to a coach that is average at best.

The next big domino to fall here will be defensive coordinator.  The only choice is to sign Gregg Williams and let Jerry Gray leave with his expiring contract.

Your thoughts on the official announcement that Munchak will return?