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Delanie Walker: There were 6 or 7 cancers on the Titans last year

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker threw some haymakers in an interview on the Midday 180 this afternoon.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Delanie Walker made some news during the season when he said that they needed to get rid of the cancer from the locker room.  He didn't name any names at the time, but it seemed pretty easy to point to a guy or two that it might be (assuming at the time there was only one or two).

Well Delanie Walker joined the Midday 180 today (listen here) and said that there were 6 or 7 players that were cancers on the team.  He again stopped short of naming any names, but he did say that he talked to Mike Munchak about those guys during the season.  He also said that he has spoken to the new coaching staff about those same issues.

Delanie was asked about the locker room in San Francisco before Jim Harbaugh got there, and he said they had some similar issues.  He said that Harbaugh got rid of those guys as soon as he got there and that turned the team around.  He is, obviously, hoping for something similar here.

Walker also made a point to ask the guys on the Midday 180 if they thought Bernard Pollard would be brought back.  As you might imagine, Walker said that the cancer in the locker room issue was something that he and Pollard discussed throughout the season.