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NFL mock draft 2014: Jadaveon Clowney goes first; Jake Matthew to the Titans

Bruce Matthews is a Titans' legend. Could the Titans draft his son to continue the legacy?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So the knock on Jake Matthews lately is that he could be moved to center.  That makes me laugh because it sounds a lot like his dad, who while he was not a good offensive line coach, was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman- and he played every position on the line during his time in the NFL.  So what some may see as a knock, I think could be a huge positive.

Matthews could be a guy that could be your left tackle for 10 years before moving inside to play center or guard for a few more years.  You could do a lot worse with the #11 overall pick.

I say all of this because Josh Norris has the Titans taking Matthews in his latest mock draft.  Here is what he had to say about the pick:

Tennessee beat writer Jim Wyatt does not expect RT David Stewart back in 2014. Maybe that is one reason the Titans already invested so much into their offensive line, specifically on the interior. They could use defensive help, and who knows where they go at quarterback, but I think Matthews is the best tackle in this class.

Some have mentioned Matthews could make a move to center. It could be true, but I do not think a team will be in a position to take Matthews if they want to do so as a center.

Norris also has Jadeveon Clowney as the first pick overall. I need someone smarter than me *ahem* SuperHorn *ahem* to tell me who they think Clowney would do in a 3-4 (which I assume the Texans will run under Romeo Crennel).