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Why the Tennessee Titans should consider Derek Carr

Why Tennessee may be the perfect place for the Fresno State QB.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So, while I was thinking about the Titans QB situation a thought occurred to me. If the Titans can get Derek Carr, they probably should.

While the Tennessee Titans offense will likely look much different in 2014, the personnel is the same. For example, I know that Kendall Wright will be more than just a screen/slant wide receiver now and he will be developed into a multifaceted player. That being said, getting Wright the ball in space has worked well in the past so I expect to see more of that in the future.

On a similar line of thought, Justin Hunter will probably step into a full-fledged starting role with all thoughts of Kenny Britt being pushed into free agency. Giving Hunter another year with his best frenemy (sorry for using that word) Shawn Jefferson will only make him better. Speaking of Hunter, last year he was impressive all over the field but what really stood out was his ability to get vertical. I don't expect Whiz and company to send him on nine routes all day long, but it is a major part of his game.

Wait a minute....screen passes....deep balls...that sounds like someone I remember. That's right, Derek Carr is outstanding at both of those things. With impressive deep arm ability, and the ability to get the ball out quickly to screening wide receivers, there may be a place for Carr in Tennessee.

Just a thought, but if I was Whisenhunt, an offense with Carr, Hunter, Wright, Walker, Washington, and Greene might be really appealing...