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Thoughts on the Tennessee Titans future at quarterback.

What I think may be going through the head of coach Whiz and the rest of the offensive staff.


The Titans have an important decision to make at the quarterback position. While we all can expect to see Jake Locker in two-toned blue in 2014, that is about all we know about what the Titans will do at quarterback. The Titans have more than just the issue of the starter to worry about too, can they really justify paying Ryan Fitzpatrick $4 million this year as a backup? If not, who will take the vital role of Jake Locker's backup?

Starter question

The Titans shouldn't ignore the clear improvement that Jake Locker showed this year. Sure he only played a handful of games, but when he did play he (almost literally) carried the team to victory. Locker was showing that he understood how and when to use his legs, and the offense thrived when he was under center despite having the most overhyped running back in the league in the backfield.

So is Locker going to be the 2014 starter? I would say you can pencil that in. While people think the comments Whiz has said about wanting a QB with a strong work ethic negatively affect Locker's chances, that is one area where the oft-injured QB has always thrived. Locker has the athletic ability to wow coaches, and when he feels comfortable in the pocket he is definitely dangerous so don't count him out.

Having said that, new HCs usually mean new QBs and there is the possibility that the Titans could have a chance to draft a highly rated QB in the first round. Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, and Derek Carr are all consistently ranked in the first round in mock drafts, and they often find themselves in the top-10. If Whiz is really unhappy with Locker's film (or lack there of) then those are the guys to keep an eye on.

Backup issue

I think the Titans have to cut Fitzpatrick. I get that he threw for a ton of yards, and that is great and everything but he was also the reason the Titans lost most of the games he started. He consistently looked antsy in the pocket, was inaccurate with the ball, never really read coverage well, and made dumb decisions that turned into turnovers. You can't look at that guy and justify paying him $4 million dollars, you just can't.

What I think the Titans should honestly consider is signing a player like Josh McCown, that can fill that Matt Hasselbeck role. As a starter-quality backup, the Titans can justify paying him $4 million and he can actually come in and produce an above average game for the Titans.

Another thing I think they should consider is (bear with me) cut Rusty. He had his time, and as much as everyone hates the idea I think that the Titans should make an effort to groom Tyler Wilson. Wilson looked very good at Arkansas and was a preseason first round pick, he has the tools to be successful but he needs an offensive mind to shape him.