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Tennessee Titans free agents: Sign, test, cut

An NFL version of marry, date, or kill.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

There is a game that I'm not sure everyone is familiar with called date, marry, kill. This game revolves around the idea of taking three people and ranking them from the one you like the most (marry) to the one you like the least (kill). I thought it would be interesting to see what the fans had to say if that situation was put to them in terms of the 2014 Titans free agents.

The rules are:

1. You can only assign sign, test, or cut status to one player.

2. "Sign" means you would like the Titans to sign them to a three-year deal or longer.

3. "Test" means you want to give them a one-year, "prove it" contract. You will have to overpay a little, but there are no long-term implications.

4. "Cut" means that you don't even want the Titans to look at them, and wouldn't even pay them vet minimum.

The candidates this week are: Bernard Pollard, Ropati Pitoitua, and Damian Williams.

The case for each:

Pros: Bernard Pollard was a very good safety for the Titans this year, and seemed to add some spark and leadership to a group devoid of that since Finnegan left. He not only helped as a run stuffer, but was effective at picking the ball off as well, something he has not shown in the past.

Cons: He is aging, and his high-flying type of play has to have worn down his body over the years.

Pros: Pitoitua was outstanding early this year, consistently forcing his way into the backfield and shutting down the running lanes on his side. While he never really reached that same gear again after the bye week, he is scheme diverse and could be a solid piece on the Titans DL no matter what system they run.

Cons: The Titans did seem to have him on a snap count, which may have just been bad coaching. However, he was asking to come out (or just not forcing his way back on the field) the Titans new coaching staff may be wary to give him more snaps than the last regime.

Pros: Damian Williams is likely everyone's top candidate for "cut" right now, but there are a lot of things to like about the USC WR. Williams is the best boundary receiver that the Titans have, and he always maximizes his playing time. While the production isn't currently there, it wouldn't surprise me if he reminded the new coaching staff of a "lite" Anquan Boldin. He is still young, and has little wear-and-tear so at the very least he would provide great depth.

Cons: All that being said, he has never really distinguished himself from the pack. He could have a hard time getting on the field in the Titans new offense, especially if they see a lot of two-TE looks.