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Impressions from the Senior Bowl

Quick thoughts on what I saw during the Senior Bowl.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The South won the Senior Bowl 20-10, and here are my thoughts on what I saw through the game.

-Wisky linebacker Chris Borland could be a real player in the NFL. Did a great job doing anything he was whether that was run stopping, covering receivers or playing special teams. His height will be an issue to scouts, but I think he will be a solid pickup for someone in the second round.

-For as much as I don't think he is special, Dee Ford had an outstanding game. As a run defender, he will get trashed nine times out of 10, but as a pass rusher he has some special speed, anticipation and bend. Honestly, I don't see a ton of difference between he and Kamerion Wimbley, but I can see why some people might fall in love with him.

-FSU defenders Telvin Smith and Christian Jones will make some teams happy. Both know exactly how to play that linebacker/safety hybrid position and have the speed and aggression to do it an the NFL level.

-While no offensive linemen really impressed me, I was fairly disappointed with how poorly OSU OT Jack Mewhort played. I expected him to play with more aggression and foot speed, instead Dee Ford beat him for a sack and a holding penalty.

-Logan Thomas is bad. Not bad at quarterback, just bad like at football. The Virginia Tech QB couldn't see defenders when they were staring him in the face, he had terrible balance, he was generally inaccurate all day, and if he was 6'2" no one would look at him twice.

-CSU TE Crockett Gillmore was a nice surprise in a weak day for offense. Gilmore looked like a natural pass-catcher, despite fully looking the part of a blocking TE. If the Titans want to save $3 million then they could consider drafting CG in the 6th and cutting Stevens.

-Aaron Donald the award winner from Pitt. didn't put up monster numbers, but if you watched him he was hard to ignore. When he wanted to, he penetrated with relative ease and absolute ripped through two blockers on the reverse-pass, forcing an off target ball leading to a INT.

-Daniel McCullers DT/NT from Tennessee has fallen more than possibly any player in the last year. Preseason I thought he was going to be devastating considering how disruptive he was at 380 lbs. Slimming down affected him in the worst way, and it looks like he is nothing more than a 6'8" project to me. The Titans may be able to grab him in round five, but he will need a coach who can motivate him if he is going to be successful in the NFL.

-Fresno State QB Derek Carr looked good, not great but good. I like him as a prospect and think he could really be a boost for a team like the Texans/Jags/Vikings/Browns that have a talented group of WRs, but not QB.

-I am mildly intrigued by Chris Davis CB, Auburn as a PR/KR/CB. He has very good athleticism, and he seems to be near the ball often. I don't think the Titans will be a player for him, but I do think he will be someone that could be worth a look.