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Which free agent RB could be the Tennessee Titans version of Danny Woodhead?

Whiz had a ton of success with a shifty running back last year, which free agent could fill that role for the Titans?


The San Diego Chargers offense was based heavily around the play of three offensive weapons, outside of the quarterback position. Tight end Ladarius Green, wide receiver Keenan Allen, and running back Danny Woodhead were all crucial cogs in the Chargers offense and there is a strong chance that the Whiz will try to replicate that offense in Tennessee. The Titans have their (improved version of) Keenan Allen in Kendall Wright and their (improved version of) Ladarius Green in Delanie Walker, but what they clearly don't have is their Danny Woodhead.

While Shonn Greene could do in a pinch, he is not the guy you want as your number one. There is one free agent who is flying under the radar, that I think the Titans would be lucky to have: Joique Bell.

While Bell didn't exactly put up eye-popping numbers, look at him compared to Woodhead:

Subject A: 650 rush yards, 3.9 YPC, 547 rec. yards, 10.3 YPR, eight total TDs

Subject B: 429 rush yards, 4.0 YPC, 605 rec. yards, 8.0 YPR, eight total TDs

Take a second to guess which one of those players is Bell.

If you said A then you are correct. Bell is only 28 years old and has only seen 248 career carries, a moderate contract for three years (similar to the deal the Titans made with Greene) would be a steal in my opinion.

Not only does this solve the Titans RB need and give the offense another weapon, but it actually saves money at the RB position if Tennessee gives him anything less than $4 million per year.