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MCM Create a Caption!

Another weekend, another caption comp! This week's picture should give you plenty of ideas...

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez has become, for lack of a better term, a punch-line in the NFL. He had a wild bevy of success in his first two seasons, but has fallen off the proverbial cliff since. At this point, he looks like another first round bust, and since Rex Ryan just got a contract extension as the Jets Head Coach, it looks certain that the big man will outlast Sanchez in NY. It's hard to speculate what lies ahead for the "Sanchize", but my opinion is: not too much. Maybe he can hit up his buddy Tim Tebow for a broadcasting gig?

So bring your best material the fore ladies and gents, and as always, remember to keep it clean. This isn't the Thunderdome after all.

Last week's winner was "TitansFan101" with: "Hmm... Which lucky fan is getting a pair of shoulder pads today?" with 20+ recs. Honorable mention goes to Alijeal with and Doombalockerday. To read all the comments from last week, click here.