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Tennessee Titans News Links: Pro Bowl Corner

Your daily serving and Titans' linkage!

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

PK thinks ATV will be going elsewhere. Personally, I think he should be the number 1 priority. And it seems as though he is interested in staying.

For now, ATV is enjoying the Pro Bowl experience.

Vandy's Jordan Matthews had a fairly strong Senior Bowl week.

Glennon talks about the OTs at the Senior Bowl and in who the Titans might be interested.

Climer says retread coaches often turn out successful.

PK's chat from yesterday.

As SuperHorn said yesterday, Bostad produced a LOT of talent when he was with Wisconsin.

Verner says that his play should outweigh his speed and size limitations. Couldn't agree more.

Titans Season Rewind takes us to the defensive backs. IMO they were nothing short of spectacular this year.

Quote of the Day: "Truth is a tendency." -R. Buckminster Fuller