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Report: Titans name John McNulty QB coach

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports this morning that the ex-Buccaneers QB coach, John McNulty, will indeed be joining the Titans as the QB coach.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

John McNulty will be coaching Jake Locker next year. That's big. He made some impressive strides with Mike Glennon last season in Tampa, especially considering most analysts viewed Glennon as a project who would take a while to acclimate to life in the NFL.

McNulty is a Whisenhunt guy from his time in Arizona, where, liken the ex-Titans Coach, Ragone, coached WRs, and then QBs.

The deal has not yet been announced due to both sides finalizing the contracts, but McNulty will join the staff not as the OC as been previously reported. That is a pretty glowing endorsement for a position coach hire, that he was possibly even being considered for an OC job. That has been the case with more than a few of the hires so far: Ray Horton, who was a HC candidate in more than one circle, was brought in as the DC. The former Falcons OC and Jaguars HC, Mike Mularkey, will be heading up the TE's in Tennessee this coming season, turning down an OC job to do so.

I did not look favorably upon the Whisenhunt hire when it was announced. But by all rights, he has been putting together a very well-qualified staff thus far that you have to be happy with as a Titans fan. Beyond this, he seems to be listening closely to GM, Ruston Webster, as the retention of the previous regime's position coaches like Shawn Jefferson (WRs) and Sylvestor Croom (RBs) shows an understanding of what to look for in quality individuals for an NFL staff. Landing Horton was the big one, but I am pretty excited to see what McNulty and Whiz can combine to do with this Locker-led offense, and bring the Titans back to relevance in a weakened AFC South.