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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Coaching Difference

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Grant Halverson

The Titans had 45% of the players on the PFF AFC South Team, yet we finished a far distant 2nd. How does that happen? Lack of good coaching. I look forward to actually challenging for the division and playoffs with these new coaches.

One of these new coaches will be McNulty, the new QB coach. Personally I love what he did with Mike Glennon down in Tampa this year, so I'll be excited to see him work with Locker this year.

New Titans LB coach Lou Spanos is apparently a ball of energy. That is great, but does he bring juice boxes?

Glennon takes a look at Titans that will receive a pay bump this year and how likely it is that we will cut them.

Verner is getting ready to partake in the new age Pro Bowl.

Locker has to do a better job or driving the long field says Kuharsky.

Phillip Fulmer LOVES Jason Michael. That's good right?

Quote of the Day: "Habit is the nursery of errors." -Victor Hugo