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Titans Player Spotlight: George Wilson

Let's take a closer look at one of the roster's more under appreciated components.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

George Wilson joined the Titans last off-season for $4 million over 2 years. It may have been one of my favorite moves of the year, even if it wasn't a big bucks signing. The line of thinking was that Wilson would start in the secondary (before the Pollard signing) and provide a bevy of leadership and valuable veteran expertise to a relatively young Titans D.

Despite playing in spot duty and limited sets including the rare "Ruby" package, Wilson still made a sizable impact on the team. Wilson racked up 40 total tackles and a nabbed a game sealing INT too. He also recovered the onside kick in Pittsburgh week 1, which sealed that victory, and played a pivotal role on special teams all year long.

The play below in Houston shows that he is still more than capable of playing downhill to stem opponent's rushing attacks. He correctly diagnoses the play as a run, and comes up to the line pre-snap. He maintains proper positioning, and, despite being the victim of a hold by the Center (No. 55), he manages to make a solid tackle on Arian Foster.


I have been very happy with the dividends returned on the move to bring Wilson in from Buffalo. He graded highly per PFF, despite limited action, and was an important part of a team that turned it's fortunes at Safety around in 2013. You really cannot have enough guys like Wilson on the roster; he's a leader in the locker room that contributes all over the field, and is more than capable of filling it and playing at a high level when needed.

Beyond this, he also provides a level of insurance for the Titans this off-season, with Pollard's one year deal up. I am all for re-signing Pollard, but if it doesn't materialize, then the Titans have a good option in Wilson, banishing the need to throw a rookie safety into the fire too early.