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When Thoughtful Deliberation Turns Into Meddling Interference

Whatever decision Tommy Smith arrives at, it needs to come swiftly.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Black Monday, five teams elected to move on from their previous coaches.  As of yesterday, two of those teams have found their next head coaches.  There are numerous reports of the remaining three teams reaching out to potential candidates.

Meanwhile, the Titans wait.

I'd say that the question for Tommy Smith is simple:  Is waiting to make a decision productive?

The answer to me seems pretty clear:  No.

There's been a narrative created that somehow waiting is out of respect to Munchak.  Couldn't disagree more.  The respectful thing to do - if indeed the intent is to fire him - would be to act swiftly so he can make plans to find a job elsewhere.  Further, the obvious issue arises in finding the next hire as Webster is now left to play catchup as the rest of the teams filling vacancies have a head start.

Alternatively, if Munch is retained, it puts him and Webster behind in searching for potential coordinators and/or positional coaches.

The bottom line here:  There's clearly work to be done within this organization, and this delay puts all work on hold.  While this time taken may be under the pretense of thoughtful consideration for a Titan legend, the reality is that this delay has turned Tommy Smith into a meddling owner - exactly the perception he appears to want to avoid.

Tommy, if you want to avoid the image as an interfering owner, then make a decision.  And, make it quickly.