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5 NFL free agents the Titans new coaches might want

Which five future FAs could the Titans new coaches really want?


The Titans will have some spending money this offseason (especially after cuts) and Ken Whisenhunt said that Titans ownership and management told him they would do anything to win. With that in mind, here are five FAs that the Titans may be looking at this offseason with which coach specifically should be pounding the table.

1. Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton/Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt- Karlos Dansby ILB, Arizona

This one is one of my favorite possibilities for a lot of reasons. Dansby has had a great year at ILB for the Arizona Cardinals this year, and he has a strong connection to Whisenhunt. During Dansby's first stint with the Cardinals, Whisenhunt was the HC for three years and they both had success including a Super Bowl appearance. The Titans have a void at ILB, and will likely be in the market for one this offseason.

2. LB Coach Lou Spanos- Brandon Spikes ILB, New England

Spanos had a head-knocking LB this year at UCLA in a player named Jordan Zumwalt, and given the success he had there he might want a similar player in the NFL. Again, the Titans need ILB help, and Spanos may want a tone-setter on his team.

3. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt- Josh McCown QB, Chicago

The Titans will want to go ahead and cut Ryan Fitzpatrick if for no other reason than his cap hit. With some of that money, it would be nice for the Titans to go out and grab a backup with some very good recent experience. If Jake Locker is the guy, then McCown would be an excellent number two. Whisenhunt had a ton of success with Kurt Warner, who was well past his prime during the AZ Super Bowl run and he might be able to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

4. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt- Joique Bell/Knowshon Moreno/LeGarrett Blount RBs

Whisenhunt will want to build an offense around a strong running game, and then compliment it with play actions and smart passes. To do that, he will need a talented RB and honestly all of these guys can do that for the Titans. All of them are tough, between-the-tackle runners that are a struggle to bring down every time they touch the ball.

5. Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton- Aqib Talib/Vontae Davis/Alterraun Verner CBs

Ideally, the Titans can re-sign Verner before he really hits free agency and get him under a deal that pairs him with his friends in that Tennessee backfield. However, the business of football is less than ideal and the Titans could do worse than grabbing a talented, bigger corner like Talib or Davis.