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Titans hire Mike Mularkey, adding to amazing coaching staff

Titans continue to make impressive hires.

Chris Graythen

In 2010, Mike Mularkey was the offensive coordinator of the year and his future looked bright. However, after going to Jacksonville (which seems like the problem) he was a one-and-done HC. Now he looks to be a position coach for Whisenhunt's Titans.

Mularkey is a keen offensive mind, and is someone that Dan Quinn was reportedly ready to hire as OC if he got a head coaching job. However, the mind that shaped the Falcons 13-3 season will now likely be either the QB or TE coach for the Titans.

So what does this mean for the Titans

Well, it means that the trio of Ken Whisenhunt, Ruston Webster and Tommy Smith are not messing around. They have brought in established coaches with great resumes and an obvious knowledge of the game. The fact that coaches like Lou Spanos (LB coach/former UCLA DC) and Mike Mularkey would come to Tennessee at all is an impressive feat considering the lack of success the Titans have had recently. However the biggest surprise is that they are position coaches, when they have such impressive backgrounds.

The man who brought along Matt Ryan (and arguably made him look far better than he was based on recent history) may now be the Titans QB coach. Whether they change quarterbacks or stick with Locker, it is hard to imagine a situation where the position is not much better than in recent history.

So who else could the Titans add

This is my question, because with Mularkey and Spanos on the roster, I'm not sure any coach isn't out of the question. I don't have the staff reports in front of me, but I believe the Titans have a vacancies at the OL, DL, QB/TE (whichever one Mularkey doesn't take) and possibly the DBs coaching spots. What other big names can Titans expect to see?