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Thoughts on the Tennessee Titans coaching staff

Why the Titans grabbed the right guys.

Thearon W. Henderson

First and foremost it needs to be acknowledged that the hiring of Ray Horton and Ken Whisenhunt was a spectacular move by new Tennessee Titans owner Tommy Smith and GM Ruston Webster.

This was possibly the best combination of offensive and defensive minds that could have happened with the coaching options that were available this year. Disregarding new OC Jason Michael who doesn't have an extensive NFL history (and who won't be calling plays), lets take a look at just how good the coaches are.

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

Whiz is an outstanding hire for many reasons.

1. He took Arizona to the Super Bowl, and for those familiar with Arizona's history that is remarkable. For those unfamiliar, winning in Arizona is hard because free agents don't want to go to Arizona and the Cardinals have never drafted exceptionally well. That makes it even more impressive that he groomed the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and turned them into the league's most dangerous WR tandem.

2. He single-handedly took the San Diego offense from 31st (nearly the worst), to fifth in just one year with no real change in personnel.

3. He was able to bring in Ray Horton.

DC Ray Horton

Horton is an exceptional defensive coordinator, and has improved the defense wherever he has gone. In Arizona he made names like Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett household names.

Some will argue that Horton's defense will take some time to take off because the Titans have been operating a 4-3 defense since they came to Nashville, but I would argue that isn't true. In 2012 the Cleveland Browns were 23rd in total defense using a 4-3, and in just one year he turned them into the ninth ranked defense even with the conversion to a 3-4. While Titans fans may not see it now, there is a lot of potential for a conversion to a 3-4 on this Titans roster, especially under the masterful guidance of Horton.


Titans fans should be ecstatic. The Titans not only have an offensive play-caller that has had amazing success recently, but they have a defensive coordinator that seems to have the Midas touch. The Titans have always had the roster to be a 9-7 team under the proper guidance, is this the year they actually have to coaching to overachieve?