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MCM Create a Caption!

The latest installation of the "Create a Caption" features a familiar face to MCMers.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let's have some fun with this one, ladies and gents. Vince Young will always represent one of the biggest "what if" prospects in Titans football for me. But the reasons are aplenty things didn't work out. His stints with Buffalo and Green Bay were short lived, and his season with the Eagles, lovingly dubbing them the "dream team" didn't work out so well for him either, or the team for that matter.

So let's take your best shot at this still of VY; bring your A-game, and as always, keep it clean. Grams is always watching after all...

I would also like to announce last week's winner:

"CrazyTitan" with "Throwin' Picks and Chewin' Bic's", so congrats on that fantastic one liner. I am sure folks around here will find it easier to come up with VY jokes than Cutler one's, but that was a clear winner with 21+ recs. Can anyone top that this week?