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Titans coaching staff update....again

There have been some new developments in Ken Whisenhunt's quest to put together a coaching staff.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

So, at this point, the only thing we know about the 2014 Tennessee Titans coaching staff is that Ken Whisenhunt will be the head coach, and that he retained some coaches from the 2013 staff. We haven't learned anything new officially at this point.

We do know that Whisenhunt has interviewed Ray Horton for the defensive coordinator position. It is rumored that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be willing to grant the Titans permission to interview Keith Butler, but the Titans haven't asked for it yet. That leads me to believe that it will be Horton.

All has gone quiet on the offensive coordinator front. Jason Michael, TE coach in SD, seems to be the favorite, but there hasn't been much out there in the last couple of days.

Adam Schefter tweet earlier this morning that Mike Mularkey is trying to decide between Tennessee and Minnesota for a POSITION COACH job...not the offensive coordinator. I would be OK with that.

Stay tunded.