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Tennessee Titans News Links: GET HIM


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Thearon W. Henderson

Titans do not need to delay any longer, GO HIRE RAY HORTON NOW.

A certain Titan, who is very controversial around these parts has his days numbered as a Titan. Good riddance.

Season Rewind takes us to Kendall Wright, who was an absolute baller. Look forward to him becoming a top tier WR soon.

Ken Whisenhunt was named Assistant COY. Hopefully he gets COY next year.

Fitzpatrick and Verner are both smart people playing football. How does that help them?

Looks like DC candidates are down to Horton, and OC Candidates are McNulty and Michael.

Bernard Pollard got a vote as most respected player in the league. I'd like to see him back.

Whiz sits down with Mike Keith to discuss the team and the future.

Quote of the Day: "I am a deeply superficial person." -Andy Warhol