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MCM Radio: Whisenhunt Is Already Crushing Heads

Live tonight at 9:00 CST!

Frederick Breedon

And just like that, the Wisenhunt era is under way! Join us tonight as Danomite and I explore what Whisenhunt means for the Titans, parse out speculation on the coordinators and wax poetic about the whole damned affair. These are exciting times for our boys, and if you'd listen to a 3 hour episode we could probably fill one tonight.

Hell, me may even take a few calls if you MCM-ers are game!

You can get the live feed, call-in number and chatroom here. The show starts at 9:00 CST sharp, and the chatroom opens 10-15 minutes prior to that.

If you can't make the live show, be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed through iTunes or Stitcher to ensure you won't miss a single episode!