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Tennessee Titans: Dark Horse for 2014

Who might emerge from the Titan's roster this coming season?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I know it's early to be discussing 2014, especially before the Draft and Free Agency. That said, who seems likely to "break out" next season? Well I have two answers, one much more obvious than the other.

Justin Hunter

The UT product was used sparsely early on in 2013, and his rail-thin frame still requires some attention. That said, in the few chances he got to see the field, he came up big. His catches against the Chargers and the Jets were some of my favorites of the entire 2013 season. He was given more playing time as the year wen't on, notching a couple of 100+ yard games and generally developing past the traditional rookie jitters. Hunter had issues, notably allowing the ball to get into his body instead of extending for the catch, which cost him a TD or two last year. Playing WR is a notoriously tough task for first year players, so I thought the way he was worked in down the stretch was a big vote of confidence.

Make no mistake, Hunter will be on the forefront this year. Ken Whisenhunt likes to stretch the field and Hunter should be in prime position to step up and do some damage after getting a full offseason under his belt. With Wright drawing plenty of attention underneath and on the other side of the field, Hunter should see plenty of single coverage. I'm not expecting miracles, but I am expecting him to make fans forget about the 3rd round pick it cost the team to move up and get him.

With news that Whisenhunt himself will be calling the plays, I expect him to get plenty of opportunities to prove him value, and after seeing some spectacular work in small samples last season, I think he will do well with them.

Zach Brown

With the impending switch to a 3-4 likely in the works with Horton coming to town (fingers crossed), Zach Brown will get plenty of opportunities to rush the passer. The scheme tends to allow OLBs to make splash plays often, and I think the speedy UNC product will be a powerful tool in the DC's arsenal. I also think Brown will be looking to rebound from a disappointing end of the season last year, where he was benched for poor play (and maybe more). He will be poised to prove his worth with the new coaches in town, and I think he ends up impressing in a big way.