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Titans Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt to Call Offensive Plays

Tennessee Titans new head coach Ken Whisenhunt says he will call the plays from the sidelines.

Frederick Breedon

Ken Whisenhunt had his introductory press conference this afternoon as the new head coach for the Tennessee Titans.  Overall he did a nice job of speaking in generalities and not committing to anything in regards to defensive schemes, Jake Locker, drafting a quarterback or even Chris Johnson.  The one thing he did comment on, however, is that he will be calling the plays for the offense.

There are the types of head coaches that are overseers,organizers and managers.  There are also those that take on the added responsibility of play calling, usually on the offensive side of the ball.  One does not preclude the other and there have been successful coaches doing it both ways.  This will be the Titans first head coach to take over those responsibilities.

The Tampa Bay quarterbacks coach John McNulty is reportedly going to be Whisenhunts first hire as offensive coordinator for the team.  I'm not sure what the delineation of responsibility will be between the two.  If Whisenhunt is calling the plays, I'm sure he'll have his say in what the plays are to begin with as well.

Overall I think that it's a good thing Whisenhunt will continue to do what he does best and what got him to this point in his career.  He's shown versatility in adapting to his current situation and players in Arizona with Kurt Warner, but he has also shown and been reported to like a more traditional power style offense with two tight ends and/or two running backs.  Time will tell what he does with his current cast.