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Titans hire Ken Whisenhunt: Building a Staff

So who fits at the coordinator positions?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Now I know most of you already know how I feel about Whisenhunt being named Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans, but let's put that aside. What's done is done. Let's instead focus on who he will appoint as his leading men.

Offensive Coordinator

It has been suggested than Whisenhunt will call the plays and will act as the "de-facto" OC. I have mixed feelings on this, but at least we know that is an area of the game he has had success. If that is the case, I am happy for Locker as this most certainly bodes well for his future. For what it's worth, I see Locker being the long term guy, though I know there is plenty of disagreement on that due to his injury concerns. But I digress. It has been speculated that Whisenhunt will be brining in John McNulty as his OC.

McNulty was most recently the QB coach who directed Mike Glennon down in Tampa Bay this past year. He's another Penn State guy...., who worked alongside Whisenhunt in Arizona as a WR coach. Whisenhunt must have thought highly of him to consider appointing him Titans OC, considering the guy has a very limited track record.

No other names have been speculated so far, but there are certainly others in consideration for the job, but as of now, those discussions are behind closed doors.

Defensive Coordinator

On the defensive side of the ball, it is rumored that Whisenhunt is targeting Keith Butler of the Steelers, who has worked as the linebackers coach for some time under Dick Lebeau. I would also hope that Whisenhunt would keep Gregg Williams under consideration. At this point, I would rather have at least one coordinator with some prior experience on the job, and I think the way Williams improved this Titans defense last year should merit him a look. I also think Jim Schwartz would be an excellent pick at DC for what it's worth. I would love Horton as well, but that is looking like a no-go as far as his contract/availability is concerned.

In the end, I hope "Whiz" makes the right moves to get this team back to winning football. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. In the end of the day, I am just relieved that it wasn't Jim Caldwell.