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Titans hire Ken Whisenhunt: Give him a chance

It seems that some Tennessee Titans fans are already crying about the new coach. Give the man a chance.


Some people are just never happy.  The same people that were screaming for change and a break from the Oilers/Fisher tree are now furious because they hired Ken Whisenhunt.  Saying things like, "his success in Arizona was all Warner."  "He didn't develop a quarterback after Warner retired." "WAAAH, WAAAH, WAAAH."  (That last one was gramsey)

It is not that those aren't valid complaints, but the QBs that he had in Arizona all sucked.  Is that Whisenhunt's fault?

Did he make some bad decisions?  Sure, but maybe, just maybe, he learned from those mistakes and will be a better coach for the Titans because of them.

Was I yelling SUPER BOWLZ!!!!1111 when I heard the news? No, but I am willing to give it a shot.

So my question to those of you that are so mad- Who did you want?

Oh, you wanted Mike Zimmer (like I did)?  Well Zimmer has never been a head coach, so you have no idea how he would be.  You also don't know how good of a coordinator he is because he is coaching under Marvin Lewis who you might remember as the architect of some of the best defenses in the history of the NFL in Baltimore.  Not to mention we have no idea if he could develop a QB.

You might be saying, "Dan Quinn was my guy."  Was he?  The same Dan Quinn who inherited Gus Bradley's ridiculously talented defense in Seattle?  How do we know how much of that defense is him and how much is Pete Carroll?  Answer: We don't.  Would you be doing flips if they hired him?  Same QB question applies to him.

Maybe you loved Darrell Bevell.  Go read how Seahawks fans feel about him.  He has done a really nice job with Russell Wilson, but if you really go look at their stats, they aren't throwing the ball a whole lot.  They have this running back how is decent.  That makes a lot of offensive coordinators look smarter than they really are.

All of this to say that there is no such thing as a home run hire.  If there was some secret formula that teams could use to ensure they got a really good coach, you wouldn't see the turnover that you see every year in the NFL.  Ruston Webster did his due diligence and signed his guy.  This is his first head coach hire.  He deserves the benefit of the doubt.