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Tennessee Titans News Links: Search Delay

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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As the Seattle Seahawks success goes, so does the waiting game on the Titans coaching search. Tommy Smith is apparently smitten with the Seahawks, and why shouldn't he be? They play the brand of football that the Titans should be craving to play.

Here's a link to PK's twitter mailbag.

PK talks about the thought of someone being a frontrunner for the Titans job. Personally I think Quinn is the guy, and I'm happy with that, so long as he doesn't bring along Mularkey.

Candidate profile of Whiz. Do. Not. Want.

John Glennon wonders if the Titans should go offensive or defensive coordinator. I'm fine with whatever as long as I get Super Bowls.

Click here for humorous picture of Dan Quinn with pad arms.

Season Rewind takes a look at Jurrell Casey, the War Machine. Love this guy.

GIF of the Day:

<a href="" title="HARBAUGH VS RIVERS IN A DANCE OFF on Twitpic"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="HARBAUGH VS RIVERS IN A DANCE OFF on Twitpic"></a>