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Titans 2014 Expectations? (UPDATED)

With the Titans clearing house this offseason, where do fan's, and more importantly, MCMers expectations stand looking ahead to the 2014 season?

Wesley Hitt

The issue on hand is no doubt dependent on who GM Ruston Webster and CEO Tommy Smith bring in to replace Munchak and his crew. That aside, how do fans look at next season with that in mind?

The Titans represent an attractive landing spot for prospective head coaches due to the talent already in place on the roster. On offense Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter could be a special duo at WR, and the offensive line is (mostly) young and talented. On defense, the Titans have two (fingers crossed) incredible corners and an elite DT. The defense, in particular, showed signs of impressive play. I would say the Titans' HC is a more coveted spot than Minnesota or Cleveland.

Another big factor will be Jake Locker at QB, which can no doubt be used more effectively than he had been, and showed signs of solid growth before going down with injury this past season. Expectations for next year will also hinge on his ability to take the next step and stay on the field, especially with a solidified O-line and a deep corps of weapons to work with.

So where does that leave us? Should we be expecting another mediocre season while the new crew rebuilds their roster and installs their game-plans? Or should Titans' fans be justified with expecting a quick resurgence? In recent times, we've seen a few first-year HC lead their team to post-season football; Mike McCoy in San Diego, Chip Kelly in Philly, etc.

In the end I think the answer lies somewhere in between. While obviously we all hope for a return to the post-season in 2014, I would label it trigger happy to be disappointed with less. Outside of Cinderella seasons that occur every now and again, true turnarounds are no doubt a business that usually takes multiple seasons. With a healthy Jake Locker and a re-invented running attack next season, I think the post-season is definitely a possibility, but I expect less than the best when all things are said and done. Where do you stand?