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NFL Playoffs schedule 2014: Patriots vs. Broncos AFC Championship game time

The New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos are facing off in the AFC Championship game.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be a week full of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning talk.  There will be debate after debate about who the best quarterback of this era is.  It should be a fun time!

The AFC Championship game will kick off at 2 PM central from Denver next week.  You can watch the game on CBS.  Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will be on the call.

The line opened up at Denver -4.5.  I am tempted to take the Patriots at that number.  This is going to be unfair, but when it comes to Brady or Manning in the playoffs, give me Brady every time.  That is what history has shown us.

The Titans, of course, didn't have the pleasure of facing the Patriots this year, but they did travel to Denver and get their hats handed to them.

So, I say Patriots win a close game.  Who you got?