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State of the Titans Position Groups: WR

The Titans have used a couple of high picks in recent years to build this WR corps. How does the unit look heading into 2014?

Wesley Hitt

Kendall Wright

(94 receptions, 1079 yards, 2 TDs)

Wright is undoubtedly the star of the group, showcasing stellar separation, agility, and yards-after-the-catch abilities on his way to a 1000+ yard season in his sophomore campaign. He also showed his versatility, able to play both outside and in the slot. Wright was a top ranked weapon on 3rd down, and his numbers from the slot are comparable to Wes Welker in many regards. Look for even bigger things from Wright next year. He is already considered around the league are one of the more dangerous slot men in the NFL. At this point, there's not many wideouts I'd rather have at my No. 2 slot if I was a GM. Add in the advantage of Wright's cheap rookie deal ($570k in 2014) and the Titans are getting extreme value.

Justin Hunter

(18 receptions, 354, 4 TDs)

The UT product was inconsistent in his first year as a pro; worked into the game plan slowly and gaining mostly sparse snaps until late in the year. He showcased some of the incredible ability the Titans drafted him for though, with more than a few spectacular end-zone grabs, including a stunning game winner in San Diego. Titans personnel believe he can be a special weapon, one with the tools to dominate outside. Look for Hunter to do a lot of damage in 2014 after getting his first season under the belt. I also hope to see him bulked up at least to some degree to combat the physical coverage he will no doubt face on the outsides.

Nate Washington

(58 receptions, 919, 3 TDs)

The wily veteran posted another very good season for the Titans, just missing out on 1000 yards and providing a level of consistency and leadership mostly missing on a very young Titan's WR corps. Washington is scheduled to make $4.8 million in 2014, which is high, but I don't see the Titans parting ways with the Tiffin product. He brings a level of versatility and ability they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere, and it goes without saying that the Titans will be avoiding WR in the next draft. Like I said, this is a young group that clearly benefits with a veteran presence, and last season he proved he can still perform at a high level.

Michael Preston

(5 receptions, 37 yards, 2 TDs)

Pratt's boy Michael Preston made a big impact against the Cardinals late in the season, forcing overtime in the wake of 2 last minute scores. That said, he didn't see the field much behind the likes of Kenny Britt and Damian Williams. With those two no longer on the roster as of right now, he looks good to make a bigger impact in 2014. He is scheduled to make only $570k and has plenty of upside for a guy on the edge of the roster.

Marc Mariani


Mariani missed his second consecutive season after coming back from a compound fracture suffered in 2012, and then separating his shoulder in the 2013 pre-season. It's been a tough break, and there have been rumors of a long term deal being worked out. At this point, coaches need to be concerned about using an extra, valuable roster spot on a guy who hasn't played significant snaps in 2+ years, especially with Leon Washington around as an option to return in 2014. I think Mariani is an excellent kick returner, and would be glad if he was back, but that future is up in the air right now.

Damian Williams

(15 receptions, 158 yards, FA)

Williams played out the final year of his rookie deal in 2013, adding some production early in the season when it was apparent Kenny Britt was not the answer. He made some notable grabs, especially against the Jets. At this point in his career, Williams is a very well-rounded WR, and I would expect Webster to bring him back to be the WR. 4, since he is very capable of stepping in and making an impact. He has received a lot of flack around here in the past, but you can't be upset with the way he has taken advantage of his limited snaps. If the Titans don't sign him, I have little doubt he will find another home quickly.

Looking Ahead

I don't expect much movement on the roster for the Titans this off-season at WR. With Britt gone and Hunter and Wright adding valuable season's of experience to their resumes, I think the team will stay pretty much status quo. Things change if they decide not to re-sign Williams, but not much. If anything, a new coaching staff might want another option with more production to round out the group, but that won't likely be a more cost effective proposition at this point.

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