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Titans head coaching search: Specialties

Where does each of the "finalists" for the Titans HC job thrive?

Joe Robbins

While there are a lot of names floating around, I think the Titans decision will come down to three names: Dan Quinn, Mike Zimmer and Ken Whisenhunt.

While there are some similarities in these candidates, each has their own distinct specialty that makes them desirable to the Titans.

Ken Whisenhunt

Specialty: Passing game

When Whisenhunt had his most success in Arizona he was using Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald to torch defenses through the air. While he hasn't had that stud #1 WR that he did in AZ, Whisenhunt managed to make an aging Philip Rivers and a group of second-tier WRs the fourth-best passing offense in the NFL.

With weapons like Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, and Delanie Walker a head coach like Whisenhunt may be able to restore Jake Locker to his early 2013 form.

Mike Zimmer

Specialty: Linebackers and interior DL.

ZImmer's brand of motivation seems to be particularly effective with the interior "triangle" of the defense. Zimmer turned an UDFA (Burfict) and a fourth round pick (Atkins) into two of the Cincinnati Bengals best players. If Zimmer can come in and find a way to turn the Titans defense into a top-10 unit, then teams like Indianapolis and Houston would have a much tougher path to an AFCS title.

Dan Quinn

Specialty: DL

Everywhere Quinn goes there seems to be an outstanding defensive line, and with a roster that includes Jurrell Casey and Derrick Morgan it is hard to imagine him not doing the same at Tennessee. With Quinn at the helm, and a good offensive coordinator like Mike Mularkey the Titans could be a huge rebound team in 2013.