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Titans coaching search update: Resetting what we know

The Tennessee Titans search for a new head coach is now a week old. Here is what we have learned this past week.


Ruston Webster completed four interviews this week- Jay Gruden, Jim Caldwell, Mike Zimmer and Ken Whisenhunt. Gruden is obviously off of their board now that he has been hired by the Washington Redskins. It is also suspected that Webster would like to interview Dan Quinn, but he will not be able to do that until the Seahawks are eliminated.

Jim Caldwell is not getting the job. I don't care how well he interviewed.

That leaves us with Zimmer and Whisenhunt from the first group. It was believe that Zimmer was the favorite in Minnesota, but he left their without an offer after interviewing this week, and the Vikings are now set to interview Greg Roman of the 49ers.

It is believe that Whisenhunt is the favorite in Detroit.

Webster should have a good deal of intelligence on Quinn. Their time in Seattle didn't overlap, but I am sure Webster still has plenty of connections out there who can give him information. So if Quinn is his guy, I am OK with him waiting (of course Seattle could lose today and this all be moot).

The biggest concern I have with waiting for Quinn is the staff he would then be able to hire. If the Seahawks do make the Super Bowl, most of the assistant moving around the league will be done. Will he still be able to pull two quality coordinators?

I would still like to see the Titans talk to Roman, Hue Jackson, Ray Horton and Todd Bowles, but it is not looking like that is going happen.