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MCM Create a Caption Contest!

The MCM Caption Contest is back! We will be starting this back up for every Saturday.

Jonathan Daniel

In this time of great uncertainty and excitement in Nashville, we thought it was high time to bring back the funnies byb reviving the weekly caption contest. Without further adieu, here is the first entry. Time to bring your A game. Remember gentlemen (and Chica), keep it clean...well as much as possible. Don't worry guys, I already called Chet. He said he's bummed out, but he'll still be brining the Capri Suns and Orange Slices to the party. I've heard REAL Oreos may be involved, so cross your fingers.

The first entry is a great picture of Jay Cutler, who must be one of the most photogenic athletes in the history of professional sports. For this reason, he is always good for a couple of truly dumb pictures every year. And who could forget the Ref knocking off his helmet? Anyway, I'm rambling, let the comedy commence:

Also, be sure to tweet me @JLloydChurchill with links/suggestions for next week's caption contest.