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Titans coaching search profile: Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell

So what is the story behind one of the hotter names in the coaching ring this offseason? Bevell has been linked with the Titans plenty.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Bevell has a long NFL history, working as offensive assistant (2000-2003) and then a (2003-2006) QB coach with the Packers. He worked closely with Brett Favre, which continued when he was brought in as OC with the Vikings. He coached in Minnesota for several years, helping Favre to his best season as a pro in 2009. After trouble the next season in which HC Childress was fired midway through the year, Bevell was not retained after the staff was cleaned out.

Then began his current position under Pete Carrol with the Seahwaks, where he has been the OC. He took a struggling unit and turned it around, notably by personally scouting Russell Wilson, including attending his pro day which few did. Wilson is widely accepted as Bevell's guy, and Pete Carrol refers to the QB as "Bevell's project". The team never looked back, producing improved offensive results the next two seasons along with two playoff berths. His notable improvements stem from the strong rushing attack he built in Seattle. Beyond this, he brings an element of self-accountability to the coaching staff.

"Criticisms from the outside, you kind of don’t even look at it...I mean, I know I have a hard job because I think everybody feels like they can call plays, whether it’s the guy in his living room or the people in the stadium. But there is a rhyme and reason why we do everything. There are certain things we are looking at, whether it’s a run or a pass. A lot of times you are trying to set some things up (for later in the game), as well."

"And really, I’m my own worst critic. I like to go back and look at everything I do. Why did I do that? I know there are situations I wouldn’t want to do that again.’’

Wilson had this to say about his OC:

"He’s a guy that’s so consistent on a daily basis,’’ said Wilson. "He’s so poised in big situations, whether they’re good or bad. He’s always believing in your guys.’’

It is no secret that both Seattle Coordinators have been linked to the Titans this offseason for the Head Coaching gig. Let's say I would be pretty pumped if they pulled the trigger on Bevell.