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Titans vs the NFL: Where the Titans stand

A look at the Titans stats vs the rest of the NFL.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

So, after a dominating win against the Steelers how do the Titans stack up to the other 31 NFL teams statistically?

Turnover differential: T-2nd

The Titans are tied with five other teams for second place in the league in TO differential, however they are tied for the lead in the AFC. The Titans played efficiently and their +2 differential is something the Titans should build on.

Sacks: T-3rd

Five sacks is a great start to the season for Tennessee, and they missed a tie for the lead by just one sack. The Titans should stay at the top of this list for a long time considering that San Diego, the Jets, Denver, Jacksonville, and the Colts have substandard offensive lines.

Points allowed: 3rd

Allowing just nine points was a great accomplishment for the Titans, and only the Seahawks and the Chiefs (facing the Jags) managed to hold teams to less points. It will be interesting to see what this stat looks like after the Titans face the well-balanced Texans next week.

Defensive yardage: 2nd YPA, 3rd in longest run, 2nd in rushing yards, T-1st FF, 0 rushing TDs allowed, 2nd in longest catch, 6th in passing yards allowed

The Titans manhandled the Steelers in the trenches leading one of the best run D performances in the league. They also sniffled the Steelers passing efforts and their longest pass allowed was just 22 yards.

Punting: 1st in Punts inside the 20 based on %, 1st in fair catches based on %, 4th in average per return

Kern was on fire vs the Steelers. Every time the ball came off his foot it resulted in a gain of less a yard and a half. Also, the coverage team was so good that the Steelers had no room to return the ball, resulting in the highest fair catch % in the league.

Rushing: 1st in attempts, 8th in yards, T-3rd in TDs

The Titans made no secret about what their plan was for this game: run the ball. The Titans pounded away at the Steelers defense and ended up with top 10 stats in TDs, yardage, and attempts. This is what the Titans built this team to do, so it is good to see them stick to their guns.