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Titans vs Steelers MVPs: 3 game balls

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Who would I give a game ball to?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans had one heck of a game against the Steelers, so which players deserve to get a game ball?

Game Ball #1: Nate Washington

We all knew that Washington was Locker's go to player, but who knew he would be more crucial than all the other WRs and TEs combined? Washington's catches often translated into first downs for the Titans in crucial situations. Washington made great sideline catches and looked like the WR the Titans had two years ago.

Game Ball #2: Jackie Battle

This is the guy the Titans have needed the past two years. Battle was nasty to the Steelers defenders, often putting the first would-be tackler on his back before plowing for bursts of yardage. Battle's hard-nosed running style came in handy in the redzone, and in a game of very few explosive plays it was his TD that made the difference.

Game Ball #3: tie Zach Brown & Jurrell Casey

This was just too close to call. Both defenders wreaked havoc on the Steelers offense. Both ended up with two sacks. The only difference is Zach Brown was all over the field leading the Titans with eight tackles (all solo). Casey on the other hand was impossible to move. As a run defender he dug in and clogged up running lanes. And on defense he blew up would-be blockers. Kudos to the entire defense, but these two were just too good to ignore.