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Titans Justin Hunter Could Sit Against Steelers

Could prized pick and fan favorite Justin Hunter be inactive week one?

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of excitement among the fan base for Justin Hunter, the newest addition to the Titans receiving corps.  His skill set, size and speed have him just oozing with potential.  Potential that wide receiver coach Shawn Jefferson is forging with an anvil and hammer as opposed to a leather strap.

The Titans moved up in the draft to grab Hunter with an early second round pick as they deemed him to have first round talent.  Yet with all his potential, Hunter may not even play on opening day.

While it doesn't look good on the surface to not have your almost first round pick inactive, it shouldn't reflect on Justin Hunter's play or potential.

In this article on the Titans website,   Mike Munchack had the following to say.

"It's not necessarily who's the best player. It'll be more about if we have to go five, why are we going five. Which receiver is nicked is the first thing and then what's the status with the rest of the positions? We know that Mike P. (Michael Preston) can play a lot of special teams plays. That's not necessarily something Justin (Hunter is) going to do. You weigh those things."

The bottom line is that the Titans may need to have an extra offensive tackle active due to David Stewart's aggravated calf injury.  He should start the game, but whether or not he can finish may be another question.

This doesn't mean that Hunter isn't ready or that Michael Preston is better.  It's simply a numbers game the team has to play each and every Sunday as they decide which 7 of the 53 man roster to sit down.  The two receivers are comparable and this week Hunter may be the odd man out due to lack of special teams contributions.