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5 Questions about the Titans as the 2013 NFL season opens

2013 is a huge year for the Titans, Jake Locker and Mike Munchak. Here are 5 things that I still wonder about as the Titans get ready to kick the season off in Pittsburgh.

Hannah Foslien

1. Is Jake Locker ready to take the next step as an NFL quarterback?

This has been the talk all offseason.  Locker looked to make dramatic steps as the preseason progressed.  Can he do it once the games count?  This game will is a big chance for him to silence a lot of the critics.

2. Is the defense any better?

They sure didn't look any different from last year's defense in three of the four preseason games.  If they aren't any better it really won't matter how good Locker is.  Hopefully they were holding everything back for the regular season.

3. Can Chris Johnson regain the form that earned him that huge contract?

There is no doubt that the offensive line was a huge part of CJ's issues over the last couple of years, but he also wasn't the same guy.  He should have confidence in his offensive line now.  Is that enough to make him look like CJ2K?

4. What will they get from Kenny Britt in his contract year?

Britt has the ability to make this a dynamic offense.  When he is right he can be one of the best receivers in the league, but he hasn't been that since before he tore his ACL.  They really need him to be at his best this season.

5. Is Mike Munchak the right guy to lead this franchise to the promise land?

Munchak enters the season with a lot to prove.  He has tailored this team to what he knows best.  Will that work?  Was hiring Gregg Williams enough to turn around a defense that was horrific last season?  Those are questions that rest solely on the shoulders of Munchak.

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