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Titans fans are lucky to have Bud Adams

When the right example is being set at the top, good things tend to follow.


I didn't spend that money for nothing.

-       Bud Adams, on spending $100M in cap money this offseason

At 90-years old, Bud Adams doesn't get around as well as he used to. Of course, at 90-years old, getting around period is an epic win. Few if any NFL owners have as much invested in their team as Bud does. He was already rich when he created the Houston Oilers 53-years ago, but he wasn't the kind of rich as you see in the NFL today. He's not a billionaire who bought a team as a toy, or gentlemanly diversion, like we've seen happen with the Browns and Jaguars recently. The Oilers/Titans are his baby, his life's work and his ultimate legacy.

So when he decided to keep Ruston Webster and Mike Munchack after last year's lemon of a season, then order Webster to spend-spend-spend, he wasn't making a long-term investment.

The man wants improvement for sure, but he clearly wants a Super Bowl like the Joker wants a laugh.

At times, Bud's obsession and confidence have been to the detriment of the Titans: see Young, Vince... and his inability to turn the page with Jeff Fisher when he couldn't get it done here. This year, however, we're luck to have Bud on our side.

Finally, Bud did what a great owner should: hire your football people, communicate clear expectations, then get out of the damned way. Looking back on free agency and the draft, Ruston Webster did everything you can imagine to improve the talent on hand. He also made sure Munchack had the resources he needs to revamp the coaching staff and completely change the culture around STSP from top to bottom. Gregg Williams, Shawn Jefferson, Bernard Pollard, Delanie Walker and Rob Turner have given the locker room the fire it needed to offset the low-key, icy demeanor of Munch, Gray, Loggains and Matthews.

Every owner wants to win, but so many of them get in their own way with sub-par results (looking at you, Jerry Jones). This has been the case with Bud in the past, but the way Bud is running this franchise right now is how you win in the NFL.

It remains to be seen if that will immediately translate into wins, but when the right example is being set at the top, good things tend to follow.