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Tennessee Titans: Tommie Campbell could start against Texans

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The door isn't shut on Titans cornerback Tommie Campbell.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I had assumed the Titans coaching staff had come to their senses when they named Alterraun Verner the starter at the right cornerback position.  Apparently that's just for the Steelers.

Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray had alluded to the idea that the Titans might use the two interchangeably during the season depending on the opponent they faced.  Cornerback by committee if you will.

Verner has long been labeled as the better zone coverage back as well as nickel back.  The Titans are in love with Campbell's size and speed, and have touted him as the better press/man corner that can play with bigger receivers one on one.

The job was Campbell's to win in the preseason, but after consecutive missteps, he didn't do enough to take the job away from Verner.

Having thought that the matter was settled, I ran across this report from Rotoworld, quoting Jerry Gray as leaving the option open for the Titans second game.

"He can get his hand on big wide receivers, and we know who we've got coming up," Gray said. "That may be best for us."

Apparently the thought is that Campbell can get his hands on the great Andre Johnson of the Texans and slow him down.  Apparently the issue is far from settled.

Hopefully this isn't an issue that plagues the Titans for the duration of the season.  Either way it would be great if one of the two would step up and make the decision for the coaching staff.  As the old adage goes,  "If you have two, then you don't have one".