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Collin Mooney makes Titans 53, Quinn Johnson on IR

One of my favorite players is back on the Titans active roster.


The Titans recently announced that former Army FB Collin Mooney has been brought back up to the Titans 53 man squad.

This is great news for anyone that watched preseason this year. Mooney (a personal favorite of mine) was a pounding force that made excellent decisions as a pull-blocker. Mooney is also a capable 4th RB and special teams player.

In my opinion, this is the right move. Mooney is a perfect fit in this offense, and he should become to Titans starting FB full-time. The Titans appear to truly committed to the running game, and the short game could be one of the most effective in the league with such a punishing blocker.

It is sad to see someone who showed promise in 2012 (Quinn Johnson) being moved to IR. Unfortunately it was the best move for the Titans and he, like Marc Mariani will have to wait for their chance next year.