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Titans Chris Johnson ready for another milestone?

Chris Johnson is close to yet another career landmark.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Johnson's inconsistencies aside, he is close to another career landmark.

Johnson is only 112 yards away from reaching 7,000 career rushing yards. Only five active players can make that claim, and if Johnson can accrue those yards in the first 10 games of the season (which I think is a given) he will be the second fastest active player to reach that goal, behind Adrian Peterson.

Peterson reached the mark in 77 games, Steven Jackson 89 games, Frank Gore 91, and Maurice Jones-Drew finally managed after 96. Chris Johnson currently sits at just 79 games, and with a revamped offensive line, it is hard to imagine him not hitting that target in the first two games.

So what would be next for #28? Well, first of all a winning season would be nice to see, so lets get that out of the way. (I'm sure CJ and the fans would both be fine if he only managed 100 yards, but made millions and was wearing a Super Bowl ring at the end of the season). Aside from that, if CJ can manage to hit his yearly average of 1,377 rushing yards, he would theoretically be two seasons away from joining the 9,000 yard club and vault him over Earl Campbell for the second all-time rushing leader for the Titans/Oilers.

Another number to look for is six. Six more TDs on the ground would put CJ among four other active RBs to have 50+ career rushing TDs.

Look for Johnson to have a lot of incentive running with new confidence behind this improved offensive line.